Ensure Legitimate Prescriptions

At its core, VeriMed’s Pharmacy was developed to empower doctors and pharmacists to effectively work together to safely and efficiently distribute medication to patients.

Providing patients with a paper prescription for controlled substances carries numerous risks. Diverters and addicts can easily forge paper prescriptions or take a prescription to multiple pharmacies. With the introduction of VeriMed’s mail-shipment pharmacy, risk is removed as providers send prescriptions through a secured portal connected directly to its facility.

VeriMed’s Pharmacy adheres to a strict set of standard operating procedures. Under the supervision of highly credentialed pharmacists, prescription requests are satisfied by automated dispensing robots to ensure that prescriptions are filled accurately and safely. Medication is delivered (signature required) via expedited mail shipment within 48 hours of receiving the prescription.

Prior to filling a prescription, VeriMed pharmacists review HIPPA-compliant patient data through the VeriMed patient portal. The ability to see a patient’s profile greatly reduces the likelihood of medication getting into the hands of patients who abuse or divert medication. Additionally, this enables pharmacists to adhere to their corresponding responsibility to dispense the medication only upon the receipt of legitimate prescriptions prescribed in accordance with the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.