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What if physicians had a way to
ensure patients are taking their
medications as prescribed and
adhering to their treatment plans?

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What if stakeholders in the pharmaceutical
supply chain had a solution that helped
curb the abuse and diversion of
prescription medications?

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What if stakeholders in the pharmaceutical
supply chain had a solution to protect
themselves in the face of increased scrutiny
by law enforcement?

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What if there was a way to add mechanisms
to control patient noncompliance and significantly
reduce health care costs in the United States?

Confirm Prescription Adherence

VeriMed's technologies allow doctors and pharmacists access to all information necessary to determine whether patients are properly taking their medication and are adhering to their treatment plan. Beyond supporting the treatment of chronic disease state patients, VeriMed can play an important role in reducing healthcare costs related to patient noncompliance.

Combat Drug Abuse

The abuse of controlled substances is responsible for a growing number of overdoses and deaths due in part to the diversion of medication through illegal sales and distribution. As this problem reaches crisis levels, stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain face increased exposure and scrutiny as law enforcement works aggressively to combat the problem.

The VeriMed Story

VeriMed is a technology-based specialty pharmacy for patients with chronic diseases and supports physicians in oncology, orthopedics, physical rehabilitation, psychiatry, pain management, neurology, and occupational medicine. Through VeriMed's proprietary technology, stakeholders across the entire controlled substances supply chain – providers/physicians, wholesalers and pharmacists – have access to HIPAA-compliant patient data to better manage the delivery of controlled substances. VeriMed plays a critical role in ensuring that patients are taking their medication as prescribed, as well as identifying if a patient exhibits a high risk for abuse and/or diversion of controlled substances (when a patient resells their medication on the black market).

The Numbers

The Office of National Drug Control Policy states the number of prescriptions filled for opioid pain relievers increased by 402 percent on a milligram-per-person basis from 1997 to 2007.
According to IMS Health, pharmacies in the United States dispensed nearly $10 billion in prescription pain killers in 2012.
An estimated 52 million people have used prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons at least once in their lifetime (The National Institute on Drug Abuse).
The cost of controlled prescription drugs diversion and abuse to public and private medical insurers is $72.5 billion a year, much of which is passed to consumers through higher health insurance premiums (DEA Report).
48 out of 50 (96%) states have controlled substances monitoring systems which track every CS prescription dispensed by a pharmacy, making data available to law enforcement personnel.

The VeriMed System

How It Works

By offering an end-to-end solution, stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain have the critical patient data necessary to combat misuse of medications and protect themselves and their practices. learn more

VeriMed Information Portal

Aggregates critical patient information, such as patient risk assessment, to analyze patient data and flag any aberrancies for likelihood of abuse or diversion of medication. learn more

VeriMed Risk Assessment

A psychometric assessment that evaluates a patient's risk of abusing or diverting prescription medication and provides physicians with information prior to patient exam. learn more

VeriMed Surveillance Pharmacy

Under the supervision of highly credentialed pharmacists, prescription requests are filled by automated dispensing robots to ensure prescription safety and accuracy. learn more